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Topic #6  -------------   OP-SF NET 8.5  ------------  September 15, 2001
From: Walter Van Assche (
Subject: Indian book on "Selected Topics in Special Functions"

Selected Topics in Special Functions (R.P. Agarwal, H.L. Manocha,
K. Srinivasa Rao, eds.), Allied Publishers, New Delhi, 2001, vii+322 pp.
(ISBN 81-7764-169-7)

The Indian Society for Special Functions and their Applications (SSFA)
have asked some of their expert members to prepare a contribution for this
volume of selected papers. The editors hope that the book will be a
significant contribution of the Society and that it would motivate the
younger generation of mathematicians. They also hope that this volume,
with contributions made by a representative section of India, will have
some impact on the community of mathematicians all over the world. The
contributions are

R.P. Agarwal: Recent developments in the theory of
generalized hypergeometric series

H.L. Manocha: Lie theory, q-difference calculus and

S. Bhargava: Cubic theta functions

A. Verma: Polybasic hypergeometric series

K. Srinivasa Rao: Hypergeometric series and quantum
theory of angular momentum

A.K. Agarwal: Some applications of special functions in
number theory and combinatorics

M.A. Pathan: Lie theory and generalized Bessel functions

R.Y. Denis and S.N. Singh: Generalized hypergeometric
functions and continued fractions

C. Adiga and D.D. Somashekara: Rogers-Ramanujan identities,
continued fractions and their generalizations

R.S. Pathak: Special functions and distributions

Vivek Sahai: Euler integral transformation, its
$q$-analogue and special functions using Lie theory and quantum theory

P.K. Banerji: Fractional differintegrals

R.K. Saxena: On the unification and extension of univariate
and bivariate distributions associated with special functions

C.M. Joshi: Exact asymptotic coefficients and bounds of
generalized hypergeometric functions

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