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Cyclic Redundancy Check: crc32

The crc32 application computes 32-bit cyclic redundancy checksums (CRC-32) on files.

The crc32 command line is:

tclsh oommf.tcl crc32 [standard options] [-binary|-text] \
   [-decimal|-hex] [-v level] [file ...]
Select binary (default) or text input mode.
Output CRC value in decimal (default) or hexadecimal format.
-v level
Verbosity (informational message) level, with 0 generating only error messages and minimal CRC output, and larger numbers generating additional information. The level value is an integer, defaulting to 1.
file ...
List of files to process. If no files are listed, then input is read from stdin.
For each file in the input file list, the CRC-32 is computed and output. By default, the computation is on the raw byte stream (binary mode). However, if text mode is selected, then text mode translations, e.g., carriage return + newline $\rightarrow$ newline conversion, is performed before the CRC-32 computation. Text mode translations usually have no effect on Unix systems. For additional information on text mode, see the Tcl documentation for fconfigure, specifically ``-translation auto.''

If the verbosity level is 1 or greater, then the length of the byte stream as processed by the CRC-32 computation is also reported.

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OOMMF Documentation Team
September 30, 2022