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Compiling and Linking

If you downloaded a distribution with pre-compiled executables, you may skip this section.

When building OOMMF software from source code, be sure the C++ compiler reported by oommf.tcl +platform is properly configured. In particular, if you are running on a Windows system, please read carefully the notes in the Advanced Installation section pertaining to your compiler.

The compiling and linking of the C++ portions of OOMMF software are guided by the application pimake (``Platform Independent Make'') which is distributed as part of the OOMMF release. To begin building OOMMF software with pimake, first change your working directory to the root directory of the OOMMF distribution:

cd .../path/to/oommf

If you unpacked the new OOMMF release into a directory oommf which contained an earlier OOMMF release, use pimake to build the target upgrade to clear away any source code files which were in a former distribution but are not part of the latest distribution:

tclsh oommf.tcl pimake upgrade

Next, build the target distclean to clear away any old executables and object files which are left behind from the compilation of the previous distribution:

tclsh oommf.tcl pimake distclean

Next, to build all the OOMMF software, run pimake without specifying a target:

tclsh oommf.tcl pimake
On some platforms, you cannot successfully compile OOMMF software if there are OOMMF programs running. Check that all OOMMF programs have terminated (including those in the background) before trying to compile and link OOMMF.

When pimake calls on a compiler or other software development utility, the command line is printed, so that you may monitor the build process. Assuming a proper configuration for your platform, pimake should be able to compile and link all the OOMMF software without error. If pimake reports errors, please first consult Troubleshooting to see if a fix is already documented. If not, please send both the complete output from pimake and the output from oommf.tcl +platform to the OOMMF developers when you e-mail to ask for help.

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OOMMF Documentation Team
September 30, 2022