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Oxs regression tests: oxsregression

The oxsregression runs a test suite for the Oxs solver. For each test, an instance of boxsi is run and the results are compared against reference results stored in subdirectories under oommf/app/oxs/regression_tests/.

The oxsregression launch command is:

tclsh oommf.tcl runtests [-autoadd] [-ignoreextra] [-keepfail] [-listtests]
       [-loglevel level] [-noexcludes] [-resultsfile stemname] [-showoutput]
       [-sigfigs digits] [-threads count] [-timeout seconds]
       [-updaterefdata] [-v] [testa testb ...]
Automatically adds new tests from MIF files found in the examples directory oommf/app/oxs/examples/.
Ignore extra columns, if any, in test results as compared to reference results. This is useful in developement work when changes to a MIF file introduce additional data table output.
Keep results from failed tests. Normally test results are automatically deleted.
List all selected tests and exit without running any tests.
-loglevel level
Controls amount of log information written to boxsi.errors (default 0).
Some tests suffer from various numerical problems. These are excluded from testing, unless this option is specified.
-resultsfile stemname
Test results are written to temporary files; by default these files have the stem regression-test-output. If oxsregression is run simultaneously, perhaps on different machines on a shared file system, then overwriting of files from one process can interfere with the processing by another. The -resultsfile option can be used to cordon off results between simultaneous runs.
If this switch is not specified, then stdout and stderr output from boxsi is swallowed by oxsregression.
-sigfigs digits
Number of significant (decimal) digits to use in comparing test to reference results; the default setting is eight.
-threads count
Number of threads to run boxsi with. This option is available for threaded builds only. The default is the default thread count for boxsi.
-timeout seconds
Maximum number of seconds to wait for one test to finish; any individual test that fails to complete within this time span is summarily terminated. The default time is 150 seconds; use 0 to indicate no timeout.
For developer use only; this option causes the reference results to be replaced (overwritten) with new test results.
Enable verbose output.
testa testb ...
Tests to run, with glob-style wildcards (*, ?) accepted. If no tests are specified then all (non-excluded) tests are selected. Subtest selection must be quoted with the test to appear as a single argument, e.g., "exch6ngbr 1,7,9". If no subtests are specified then all subtests are run.

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OOMMF Documentation Team
May 11, 2021