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OOMMF eXtensible Solver

The Oxs (OOMMF eXtensible Solver) is an extensible micromagnetic computation engine capable of solving problems defined on three-dimensional grids of rectangular cells holding three-dimensional spins. There are two interfaces provided to Oxs: the interactive interface Oxsii intended to be controlled primarily through a graphical user interface, and the batch mode Boxsi, which has extended command line controls making it suitable for use in shell scripts.

Problem definition for Oxs is accomplished using input files in the MIF 2 format. This is an extensible format; the standard OOMMF modules are documented below. Files in the MIF 1.1 and MIF 1.2 formats are also accepted. They are passed to mifconvert for conversion to MIF 2 format ``on-the-fly.''

Note on Tk dependence: Some MIF 2 problem descriptions rely on external image files; examples include those using the Oxs_ImageAtlas class, or those using the MIF 2 ReadFile command with the image translation specification. If the image file is not in the PPM P3 (text) format, then the any2ppm application may be launched to read and convert the file. Since any2ppm requires Tk, at the time the image file is read a valid display must be available. See the any2ppm documentation for details.

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OOMMF Documentation Team
September 28, 2012