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Calculating H Fields from Magnetization: mag2hfield

The mag2hfield utility takes a micromagnetic problem specification file (.mif) and a magnetization file (.omf) and uses the mmSolve2D computation engine to generate files for the resulting component (magnetostatic, exchange, crystalline anisotropy) and total H fields. The main use of this utility to study the fields in a simulation using magnetization files generated by an earlier mmSolve2D run.

The mag2hfield launch command is:

tclsh oommf.tcl mag2hfield [standard options] [-fieldstep #] \
   [-component [all,][anis,][applied,][demag,][exchange,][total]] \
   mif_file omf_file
-component [all,][anis,][applied,][demag,][exchange,][total]
Specify all field components that are desired. Optional; default is total, which is the sum of the crystalline anisotropy, applied, demagnetization (self-magnetostatic) and exchange fields.
-fieldstep #
Applied field step index, following the schedule specified in the input MIF file (0 denotes the initial field). Optional; default is 0.
MIF micromagnetic problem specification file (.mif). Required.
Magnetization state file. This can be in any of the formats accepted by the avfFile record of the input MIF file. Required.

The H field output file format is determined by the Total Field Output Format record of the input MIF file. The output file names have the form basename-hanis.ohf, basename-happlied.ohf, etc., where basename is the input .omf magnetization file name, stripped of any trailing .omf or .ovf extension.

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OOMMF Documentation Team
January 15, 2004