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Non-templated class version

Non-templated classes in MV++ have names such as MV_Vector_double and MV_MatCol_int. By default, the inital installation supports

In general, the class corresponding to the templated equivalent of XX<t> is denoted as XX_t.

Type specific versions the MV++ classes are generated from the same "base" file via an editor or simple preprocessor, such as sed. For example, mvvt.h defines a class of

     class MV_Vector_$TYPE
             $TYPE *p_;
By creating a copy of this file in which every occurence of ``$TYPE'' is changed to the name of a user-specific class, one can create MV++ vectors out of any numerical object representing an algebraic ring. The simple command,
  sed '1,$s/\$TYPE/MyObject/g' mvv.h > mvv_MyObject.h
will create an MV++ vector of MyObjects. Similarly, one can also create the accompanying file from the base in the /src directory. gif

Roldan Pozo
Tue Nov 7 18:40:56 EST 1995