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Environment Variables and Path


There are several environment variables that must be set before PADE will run. Also, there are some directories to be added to the executables path. This is most easily accomplished by adding a few lines to the non-login shell startup file ( .cshrc, .profile, .bashrc , etc.). The environment variables on the development host are:

The additional directories to be added to the executables path on the development host are:

$XPVM_ROOT/src/$PVM_ARCH (optional)

The caml_utils directory is not necessarily installed under $PADE_ROOT . Consult your system administrator for the actual location.

On the remote hosts, the user is only required to have the environment variables PVM_ROOT and PVM_ARCH. None of the path additions are required on the remote hosts.

For further information on these environment variables and directories, see the script pade_setenv (if your shell is csh or tcsh), or pade_export (if your shell is sh, ksh or bash) in the directory $PADE_ROOT/examples . An alternative to entering this information in the shell startup file is to execute one of these scripts before starting PADE.