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Porter Elected to Tcl Developer Team

August 2000

Donald G. Porter of the ITL Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division has been elected to serve on the fourteen member Tcl Core Team, a new development team managing the development of Tcl, the Tool Command Language, and Tk, a toolkit of graphical widgets suitable for building user interfaces. The Tcl Core Team was elected by the community of Tcl users in August, 2000. Twenty-four active contributors to Tcl and Tk were candidates in the election.

Tcl and Tk were created by John Ousterhout in 1988 at the University of California at Berkeley. Tcl now has a user community of over half a million developers. Development of Tcl and Tk has followed Ousterhout from Berkeley to Sun Microsystems to Ajuba Solutions (formerly Scriptics). In July 2000, Ousterhout called for the election of the Tcl Core Team to place further development of Tcl/Tk in the hands of the Tcl community at large.

Tcl is in widespread use as a critical component by thousands of corporations. Tcl forms the base of NIST's widely used software tool, Expect. Well known Tcl success stories have been reported by America Online, Vignette Corporation, Cisco Systems, NationsBank, and the National Broadcasting Company.

(bullet) Donald G. Porter (NIST/MCSD/MMG)

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