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Scientific Object Oriented Programming Users Group Formed

December 2000

The ITL Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division has formed a users group aimed at fostering the growth of expertise in scientific object oriented programming at NIST. Object oriented programming (OOP) provides structures and tools which allow programs to be more easily extended, and their components more readily reused in other applications. Such techniques are being increasingly applied in scientific computing. The new Scientific Object Oriented Programming Users Group (the ScOOP Group) provides a forum for NIST scientists to discuss problems encountered and solutions achieved in the application of OOP, to exchange code, and to learn about new techniques. The group meets monthly and maintains an email list for further discussion. Thus far, two informal seminars have been held, one on the design of a project just getting underway, and another on lessons learned in the initial versions of a more mature program. NIST staff may join the ScOOP mailing list by sending e-mail with the line "subscribe scoop <yourname>" in the body of the message.

(bullet) Stephen Langer (NIST/MCSD/MMG)

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