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Micromagnetics Workshop Held at NIST-Boulder

October 1998

Staff from EEEL, ITL and MSEL led a regional workshop of the Micromagnetic Modeling Activity Group (muMAG) at the NIST-Boulder Laboratories on August 27, 1998. MKE-Quantum co-sponsored the event, which drew about twenty-five participants including representatives from Maxtor Corporation, Roscamp Engineering and the University of Colorado. MuMAG is an organization of industrial, government and academic researchers investigating fundamental issues in micromagnetic modeling through two activities: the establishment of standard problems for testing micromagnetic simulation software, and the development of a public domain reference implementation of micromagnetic simulation software.

Robert McMichael of MSEL led off the workshop with an overview of muMag, and presented standard problem solutions submitted to NIST by several developers of micromagnetic simulation software. John Oti of EEEL gave a demonstration of SimulMag, a micromagnetic design tool he developed for personal computers. Michael Donahue and Donald Porter of ITL gave a demonstration of the Object Oriented Micromagnetic Framework (OOMMF), their portable, extensible software package containing a micromagnetic solver and associated tools.

The workshop concluded with talks by Pierre Asselin of Roscamp Engineering and Richard Lansky of MKE-Quantum Components. They presented two views on the future micromagnetic modeling needs of the computer hard drive industry, describing which problems are effectively solved using current techniques and which problems remain important challenges.

Access to standard problem specifications, submitted solutions, software, and further information about muMAG is available at the Micromagnetic Modeling Activity Group web page.

(bullet) Donald G. Porter (NIST/MCSD/MMG)
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