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June 2000

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Geoffrey McFadden of the ITL Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division, along with Professor Richard James of the University of Minnesota, recently organized a successful conference entitled, "Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science". The meeting, which took place in Philadelphia on May 21-24, 2000, was hosted by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the primary professional organization for applied mathematics in the US. It was co-funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy. This highly interdisciplinary meeting brought together about 270 scientists from a wide spectrum of academic, government, and industrial laboratories in the US and abroad. Eleven primary speakers discussed mathematical aspects of materials science applications, including epitaxial growth, contact line dynamics in thin films, micromagnetic modeling, anisotropic material properties, and the microstructure of sea ice. There were also 41 minisymposia, each including four invited talks, 22 sessions of contributed papers, and a poster session. Seven NIST researchers from ITL and MSEL participated, presenting or co-authoring talks on a number of subjects, including order-disorder transitions in binary alloys, diffuse interface models of phase transitions, and convective and elastic effects during solidification.

(bullet) Geoffrey B. McFadden (NIST/MCSD/MMG)
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