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Geoffrey McFadden Elected APS Fellow

October 2001

Geoffrey McFadden

Geoffrey B. McFadden, Leader of the Mathematical Modeling Group of ITL's Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division, has been elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS). McFadden is being recognized "for fundamental insights into the effect of fluid flow on crystal growth and for an innovative approach to phase field methods in fluid mechanics." McFadden's interest in the study of crystal growth began when he joined NIST in 1981. Since then he has published more than 100 papers with colleagues in MSEL, as well as with researchers at external institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, Rensselaer Polytechnic, and the University of Southampton.

The APS's Division of Fluid Dynamics recommended the nomination. Fellowship in the APS is limited to no more than one-half of one percent of APS membership. Presentation of the fellowship certificate will take place at the Annual Meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics to be held in San Diego, November 18-20, 2001.

(bullet) Ronald F. Boisvert (NIST/MCSD)
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