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ITL Mathematican Participates in US-China Exchange

August 1999

ITL mathematician Anthony Kearsley attended the Second Annual Chinese-American Frontiers of Science Symposium in Beijing on August 20-22, 1999 at the joint invitation of of the US National Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The symposium was designed to bring together outstanding young scientists to discuss advances and opportunities in their fields, to learn about research at the cutting edge of other disciplines, and to build new ties between future leaders of both nations' scientific enterprise. Some 80 scientists from a wide variety of technical fields were invited. About two dozen talks were presented on topics such as novel polymers, bio-diversity, high temperature superconductivity, data mining, and numerical cosmology, each followed by lively discussions. The event attracted the attention of high Chinese officials including Li Lanqing, Vice Premier of the Chinese State Council, whose welcome address was televised. Delegates also visited the Chinese Academy of Sciences facilities in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as FuDong University (Shanghai).

(bullet) Anthony J. Kearsley (NIST/MCSD/MMG)

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