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JazzNet `Personal Supercomputer' Unveiled

March 1997

Roldan Pozo, Mathematical and Computational Science Division, recently unveiled JazzNet, a new fast-interconnect workstation cluster based on Intel P6 microprocessors. The goal was to build an inexpensive "personal supercomputer" capable of achieving more than 1 Gflop (one billion floating point operations per second) for under $30,000 using existing commercial hardware and software. Initial performance studies indicate that this milestone has been surpassed.

The current system is built using five Intel Pentium (P6) computers, each of which can deliver up to 200 Mflop (200 million floating point operations per second) and 600 MIPS (600 million instructions per second). The processors are connected using a dedicated 100Base T Ethernet network capable of moving data at 5 megabytes per second (10 times that of conventional Ethernet). The system runs Linux 2.0 and has been outfitted with parallel programming libraries and packages, including PVM, XPVM, MPI, Posix Threads, and High Performance Fortran. A second phase of the project will integrate an experimental Gigabit Myrinet communication network to study performance effects of increased network bandwidth on computational science applications.

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