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Java Grande Forum Established

July 1998

Ronald Boisvert and Roldan Pozo of ITL's Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division were named Co-Chairs of the Numerics Working Group of the Java Grande Forum (JGF) at its innaugural meeting in Palo Alto, CA on March 1, 1998. The JGF is an open forum of industrial, government and academic researchers and software developers interested in improving the Java language and environment for use in high performance computing. The work of the JGF has the support of Sun Microsystems as part of its open standardization process for Java. The Numerics Working Group is chartered to be the voice of the community on changes to Java which would make it suitable for numeric-intensive applications, as well as a center of coordination for the development of community supported class libraries and interfaces for core numerical computations. The work of the group is described in the Java Numerics web pages, The JGF's second working group addresses issues of Parallel and Distributed Computing.

The first JGF meeting was held in conjunction with the ACM 1998 Workshop on Java for High-Performance Network Computing held at Stanford University on Febrary 28 and March 1, 1998 with an attendance of about 200. Sun, Intel, IBM, Visual Numerics, the MathWorks, Microsoft, Novell, Lucent, and Boeing were among the industrial participants. At the workshop, Boisvert and Pozo made a presentation entitled "Developing Numerical Libraries in Java." A paper with this title, authored jointly with Karin Remington of NIST, Pete Stewart of the University of Maryland (and NIST) and Jack Dongarra of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, was included in the proceedings and has been selected for inclusion in an upcoming issue of the journal Concurrency, Practive and Experience. Boisvert made a similar presentation at the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Working Group 2.5 on May 21 in Patras, Greece in order to elicit support from the international community. WG 2.5 is the Numerical Software Working Group of IFIP's Technical Committee 2 (TC 2) on Programming Languages.

The JGF Numerics Working Group is meeting approximately every two-three months to advance its agenda as quickly as possible. A second workshop was held in May and a third is scheduled in August. A formal report containing the group's recommendations will be issued in early fall. The NIST team is also working with the MathWorks Inc., developers of MATLAB, on a public domain class library for numerical linear algebra. This library will be proposed as a standard class library to the JGF.

(bullet) Ronald F. Boisvert (NIST/MCSD)
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