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ITL Hosts Workshop on Digital Library of Mathematical Functions

September 1997

ITL's Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division hosted an invitational workshop in Gaithersburg July 28-31, 1997, to develop plans for the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions (DLMF). The DLMF is envisioned as a modern replacement for the NBS Handbook of Mathematical Functions, which was first issued in 1964. More than 150,000 copies of the handbook have been sold by the Government Printing Office and several commercial publishers (it remains available today from there sources).

The handbook contains technical information, such as formulas, graphs, and tables, on a variety of mathematical functions of widespread uses in the sciences and engineering. The new DLMF would revise and expand this core data and make use of advanced communications and computational resources to disseminate the information in ways using static print media. Examples include formulas downloadable into symbolic systems, dynamic graphics, reference algorithms and software, tables generated on demand, and application modules tailored to specific domains such as quantum physics.

Workshop participants included a number of well-known experts in special functions and their application such as Richard Askey (Univ. Wisc.), Ross Barnett (Univ Manchester), Claude Brezinski (Univ. Lille), Bill Carlson (Iowa State), Walter Gautschi (Purdue Univ.), Kurt Kolbig (CERN), Leonard Maixmon (GWU), Ingram Olkin (Stanford), Frank Olver (Univ. MD and NIST), and Nico Temme (CWI, Amsterdam). The workshop, organized by Daniel Lozier and Frank Olver, was co-sponsored by the Physics Laboratory, the Standard Reference Data Program, and MEL's Systems for Integrated Manufacturing Applications (SIMA) Program.

(bullet) Daniel W. Lozier (NIST/MCSD/MSG)
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