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Modeling of Production Metal Cutting Processes

Troy Marusich
Third Wave Systems Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Thursday, April 18, 2002 13:00-14:00,
Employee Lounge, NIST Administration Building

Abstract: In order to improve metal cutting processes by lowering part cost and improving quality, it is necessary to model metal cutting processes at a system level. A necessary requirement is the ability to model interactions at the tool-chip interface, and thus predict cutter performance. A methodology is presented to model performance of cutting tools using an orthogonal, plane strain, and three-dimensional finite element (FE) software program called AdvantEdge. Theoretical underpinnings of the tightly coupled thermo-mechanical Lagrangian model are described, such as constitutive modeling for high strain rates, large deformations, and near-melt temperatures; fully adaptive mesh generation in two and three-dimensions; and deformable tool-workpiece contact with friction and interfacial heat transfer. The compilation of these numerical techniques allows modeling of plane strain orthogonal machining in two dimensions, and oblique cutting, nose turning, and milling in three dimensions. Model validation procedures are detailed, and comparison with experimental data, including cutting forces, chip thickness, curl and breakage, and chip morphology (e.g., shear localized, continuous). Several application examples are provided, such as chip breakage, forced and free tool vibration, machining induced workpiece residual stress analysis, three-dimensional oblique cutting, and nose turning. Finally, a system-level mechanistic machining model is briefly described for turning, milling, and drilling, and a symbiotic relationship with the FE capability is shown.
Contact: T. J. Burns

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