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Visualizing a Sub-Aqueous, Subterranean Cave

Barbara A. am Ende

Tuesday, November 6, 2001 13:00-14:00,
Room 145, NIST North (820)
Tuesday, November 6, 2001 11:00-12:00,
Room 4550

Abstract: A point cloud of 10 million locations was collected using sonar from a cave approximately 90 m underwater in Florida. The extreme conditions of the environment required the use of highly specialized and technical diving and data gathering equipment. Registration of multiple data sets was an initial challenge facilitated by cave radio and GPS. Current research focuses on meshing the point cloud into solid, polygonalized walls. In the future, the meshed walls can be texture mapped and displayed in the RAVE 3D immersive environment to give a viewer a virtual cave experience.
Contact: R. F. Boisvert

Note: Visitors from outside NIST must contact Robin Bickel; (301) 975-3668; at least 24 hours in advance.

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