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Oversight Activities

  1. R.F. Boisvert : SciComp, Inc., Automatic Generation of Mathematical Modeling Components, NIST ATP.

  2. J.T. Fong : SRI International, Inc., E. J. Craighill, R. E. Lang, etc., Research & Development in Collaborative Environments for Concurrent Engineering Design - Phase V, Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), U. S. Department of Defense.

  3. J.T. Fong : University of Iowa, Iowa City, E. J. Haug, K. K. Choi, etc., Collaborative Technologies for Large Scale Mechanical System Concurrent Engineering - Phase V, Advanced Research Projects Agency, U. S. Department of Defense.

  4. G. B. McFadden: Sheldon Newhouse (University of North Carolina), Nonlinear Dynamics, ARPA.

  5. G. B. McFadden: R. V. Johnson (St. Cloud State University), The Application of the Tensor Product to Parallel Programming, ARPA.

  6. G. B. McFadden: C. H. Huang (Ohio State University), An Expert System for Implementing High Performance Numerical Algorithms, ARPA.

  7. B.T. Murray : Advanced Refractory Technologies, Inc., Diamond-Like Nanocomposite Materials, NIST ATP.

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