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Software in Process

  1. B.K. Alpert, R.C. Wittmann, and M.H. Francis, near-field to far-field transformation of planar antenna measurements with position errors.

  2. J. Bernal, REGTET, a Fortran software package for computing regular tetrahedralizations based on incremental topological flipping.

  3. P.T. Boggs, A.J. Kearsley, and J.W. Tolle, SPLIT, a sequential quadratic programming method for general large scale nonlinear optimization problems based on O3D.

  4. P.T. Boggs, P.D. Domich, J.E. Rogers, O3D, a solver for general large scale quadratic programming problems.

  5. S.A. Langer, W.C. Carter, E.R. Fuller, and A. Roosen, OOF, an object-oriented finite element program for elastic and fracture analysis of real microstructures.

  6. S.A. Langer and W.C. Carter, ppm2oof, an interactive tool for constructing finite element grids from images of real material microstructures, intended as a preprocessor for OOF.

  7. S.A. Langer, menu and menu++, easy to use routines for constructing interactive programs in C and C++.

  8. B.R. Miller and R.F. Boisvert, HotGAMS, an interactive network client for the GAMS software database, written in Java.

  9. W.F. Mitchell, F90GL, a Fortran 90 interface for Mesa (a freely distributable version of the graphics library OpenGL) and GLUT (a window manager for OpenGL).

  10. R.J. Onyshczak, Biorthogonal Wavelet Generator Web Page, a WWW interface to the Biorthogonal Wavelet Generator program written in C.

  11. R. Pozo and K.A. Remington, Sparse BLAS Toolkit, basic linear algebra routine library in C implementing the proposed standard interface for sparse BLAS.

  12. R. Pozo, Template Numerical Toolkit for Linear Algebra, integrated C++ library for matrices and vectors of abstract types.

  13. J.E. Rogers, P.D. Domich, and P.T. Boggs, O3D, an interior-point solver for large scale linear and quadratic programming problems.

  14. B.W. Rust, PERDGR, a subroutine for classical periodogram analysis of real time-series data, using the real FFT.

  15. B.W. Rust and D.P. O'Leary, CLASIC, a subroutine for calculating classical least squares or truncated SVD solutions to ill-conditioned linear systems.

  16. B.W. Rust, FERDIT, a subroutine for calculating confidence interval bounds for regularized solutions to ill-conditioned linear systems.

  17. B.W. Rust and D.P. O'Leary, BRACLS, a subroutine for computing confidence interval bounds for non-negatively constrained solutions to linear systems.

  18. A. Youssef, A Matlab wavelet system.

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