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Biorthogonal Wavelet Generator

Remigius J. Onyshczak, ACMD
Dr. Abdou Youssef, George Washington University

Lossy data compression is useful for applications in which reasonable approximations to the original data is sufficient for the intended purposes and where higher compression ratios are required to facilitate storage and transmission of the information. For example, the Criminal Justice Information Services of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is converting their 38 million inked fingerprint card file to electronic form for quick retrieval and search of the database by automated fingerprint identification systems. This data needs to be digitized, classified by automated techniques, stored on optical media, and intelligently searched for matches with other fingerprint images. The FBI has adopted Wavelet Scalar Quantization as the technique to be used internally and when dealing with state and local law enforcement agencies.

One of the areas of research is focused on finding the "best" wavelet filters for a particular image. Such research depends on the ability to generate a variety of wavelet filters quickly, according to some input parameters.

A "C" program, bwg, has been written to generate a virtually unlimited number of wavelet filters using a set of input parameters on the command line. This program is an adaptation of the Biorthogonal Wavelet Generator created by Dr. Abdou Youssef, George Washington University in MATLAB.

This program is complete.

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