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Parallel Application and Development Environment

William F. Mitchell, ACMD
Judy Devaney, Robert Lipman and Minwen Lo, High Performance Systems and Services Division,
Mark Edwards and Charles Clark, Electron and Optical Physics Division

The Parallel Application and Development Environment (PADE) is a flexible, customizable environment for developing parallel applications that use the Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) message-passing library. It provides an integrated framework for all phases of development of a message-passing parallel application: editing, compilation, execution, and performance monitoring and enhancement. PADE is most useful with a heterogeneous virtual machine consisting of multiple architectures and/or multiple file systems. By automatically selecting only those files that have been modified since the last compilation, PADE can be used as a parallel make for a heterogeneous virtual machine. The PADE package consists of an intuitive graphical user interface, a suite of PVM utilities, and documentation in PostScript, ASCII, and HTML formats.

PADE is a joint effort between several divisions of CAML and the Physics Laboratory. ACMD is responsible for:

  1. Documentation in the form of User's and Implementation Guides.
  2. Testing of the software.
  3. Packaging for distribution.
  4. Maintenance of the FTP distribution site.

During the past year the initial implementation of PADE was completed, and the first public release was in April 1995. Further enhancements to PADE lead to additional releases in May and November.

Caption: The top level of the PADE user interface.

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