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Other Activities

  1. D.M. Anderson, Research on crystal growth written up in Science News 149 (June 1, 1996) pp. 340--341.

  2. I. Beichl, participated in IMA workshop on Women in Mathematical Sciences Connected to Industry, February 23-25, 1996

  3. T. J. Burns, Visitor in Residence (invited), Program on Mathematical Methods in Materials Science, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, February 26 - March 9, 1996.

  4. R. Pozo, Visiting Scientist (invited), Electrotechnical Laboratory, MITI, Tsukuba, Japan, February 12-23, 1996.

  5. J.T. Fong, Chairman of NIST Finite Element Analysis Software Package Users' Group which sponsors quarterly meetings to review updates from software developers and significant NIST applications.

  6. J.T. Fong, Mathematical Modeling and Analysis Consultant to NIST Building Environment Division, BFRL, on the use of a finite-element analysis package named ANSYS for the modeling of the thermal and vibrational responses of two test modules for a new NIST facility known as the Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATL).

  7. J.T. Fong, Research Advisor to Z. Wang, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, who spent a year at NIST (January 1 - December 20, 1995) as a Guest Researcher in the NIST Applied and Computational Mathematics Division.

  8. Fern Hunt, Awarded NIST competency funds jointly with BFRL, Physics, and MEL Laboratories for a proposal entitled, Advanced Methods and Models for Appearance of Coatings and Coated Objects.

  9. B.R. Miller, Member of Technical Area Panel on Information Technology for ATP 1995 General Competition.

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