Lapack++ (v. 1.1a)

[NOTE: This package is being superseded by the Template Numerical Toolkit (TNT), which utilizes new features of the ANSI C++ specification. TNT is a newer design, and will integrate the functionlaity of Lapack++, IML++, SparseLib++, and MV++.]

LAPACK++ (Linear Algebra PACKage in C++) is a software library for numerical linear algebra that solves systems of linear equations and eigenvalue problems on high performance computer architectures.

Computational support is provided for supports various matrix classes for vectors, non-symmetric matrices, SPD matrices, symmetric matrices, banded, triangular, and tridiagonal matrices; however, it does not include all of the capabilities of original f77 LAPACK. Emphasis is given to routines for solving linear systems consisting of non-symmetric matrices, symmetric positive definite systems, and solving linear least-square systems.

what's new in version 1.1a (Feb, 2000)

LAPACK++ v. 1.1 can use the C-LAPACK library (also available from netlib) and does not rely on the availablity of Fortran compilers.

Lapack++ 1.1 documentation and software

LAPACK++ was originally designed and developed in 1992 by Roldan Pozo, while a postdoc with Jack Dongarra at the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Lab.