Early Performance Results

The following examples provide an indication of the raw performance of some common numerical kernels in Java.

Dense Linear Algebra Kernels
SDK 2.0 on 266MHz Pentium II running Win 95
Kernel Performance
JNT right-looking LU decomposition, 100x100 42 Mflops
Linpack Benchmark, 100x100 25 Mflops
JNT DAXPY, n=200 76 Mflops
SDK 2.0 on 200MHz Pentium P6 running Win 95
Kernel Performance
JNT QR decomposition, 150x150 0.25 sec
Visual Numerics QR decomposition, 150x150 0.39 sec

Sparse Matrix Vector Multiply in Various Environments
Matrix Java JNT
Pentium II (266 MHz)
Java (SDK 2.0)
Fortran/C Sparse BLAS
Sun SPARC 20
f77, cc -O
Fortran/C Sparse BLAS
IBM RS/6000 (SP2 node)
xlf, xlc -O
GRE 115 33.4 Mflops 10.2 Mflops 12 Mflops
WEST0156 33.7 Mflops 8.0 Mflops 11 Mflops
IMPCOL C 32.6 Mflops 9.8 Mflops 11 Mflops

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