f90gl supported Windows systems

Direct support for the following Windows system configurations is supplied in the form of batch files in f90gl. These systems were tested using Glut Version 3.6 or 3.7 and the native OpenGL for the system.

Pentium 2Windows NT 4.0 Absoft Pro Fortran 6.0
Pentium 2Windows NT 4.0 Digital Visual Fortran 6.0
Pentium Windows NT 3.51 Essential Lahey F90 3.00a
Pentium 2Windows NT 4.0 Lahey LF95 5.0
Pentium Windows NT 4.0 NASoftware FortranPlus version 2.0.55r
Pentium 2Windows NT 4.0 Portland Group Fortran 90 3.0-2
Pentium 4Windows XP Intel Visual Fortran 8.0
64 bit x86 (Xeon)WindowsIntel Visual Fortran 9.1

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