The File Format

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The covering arrays on this site are all served in the same format. Each covering array is a file named in the form ``ca.k.v^'', where k, v, and t are the variables defining the covering array. The file is a text file compressed with zip.

Once decompressed, the file will be a text file named ``ca.k.v^t.txt''. The first line will contain the number of rows in the covering array. All subsequent lines will be rows of the covering array. The array is presented as numbers, space separated, that are between 0 and v-1. In some construction methods such as IPOG-F, some entries in the array are irrelevant from the standpoint of ensuring the coverage property. These entries are denoted with a dash, as in ``-''. They can be filled in arbitrarily. The number of columns in the array will be k, as required by definition. Any questions about how to read the covering array files should be directed to the Covering Arrays Team: coveringarrays at nist dot gov.

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Last updated: 2008-04-17

For comments please mail the Covering Arrays Team: coveringarrays at nist dot gov