NIST Covering Array Tables

Covering arrays and the ACTS project: The tables of covering arrays that are accessible from this website are maintained as part of the Automated Combinatorial Testing for Software (ACTS) project at NIST. An important component of this project is the development of covering arrays for use in the design of small but effective test sets for combinatorial testing. Software to produce a covering array of given size on demand, called FireEye, is under production by the ACTS team. The covering arrays accessible here were produced by IPOG-F, an enhanced component of the FireEye software. It is intended that the tables will be augmented by results from FireEye and by contributions of especially noteworthy covering arrays from the public.

For more information about the project, visit the ACTS project website.

What are covering arrays?

Accessing the NIST covering array tables produced by IPOG-F.

Paper describing IPOG-F. The paper M. Forbes, J. Lawrence, Y. Lei, R. N. Kacker and D.R. Kuhn ``Refining the In-Parameter-Order Strategy for Constructing Covering Arrays'' is in progress. An abstract (HTML/PDF) is available.

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