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Test Data Sets for Other Problem Domains

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Optimization Benchmarks for Optimization Software (ASU)
Box-constrained Optimization Problem Generator (TOMS 774)
Global Optimization (Univ. Vienna)
Graph Problems (BeiHang Univ.)
Linear Programming (Netlib)
Nonlinear Programming (ANL)
Multidisciplinary Design (NASA)
Problems from the book Handbook of Test Problems in Local and Global Optimization
Quadratic Bilevel Programming Problem Generator (TOMS 728)
Benchmarks for PDE-Constrained Optimization
Ordinary Differential Equations Initial-value problems test package (TOMS 648)
Initial-value problems and DAEs (Bari, CWI)
Stiff Problems (Univ. Geneva)
Stiff Problems and DAEs (Imperial College)
Sturm-Liouville solvers test package (TOMS 789)
Function Evaluation Complex elementary function test package (TOMS 714)
Test suite for accuracy of mathematical functions (Gaston Gonnet)
Other Oberwolfach Model Reduction Benchmark Collection
Related NIST Resources Standard Reference Data Program
Physical Reference Data Program

The ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software contains many articles on mathematical software testing.

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