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STOCH: LOPSI Stochastic Test Matrix

from the NEP Collection

Source: W.J. Stewart, North Carolina State University and A. Jennings, Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland.
Discipline: Analysis and evaluation of computer systems

This stochastic matrix is derived from the application of Markov modeling techniques to the analysis and evaluation of computer systems. The matrixis a 163 by 163 stochastic matrix with 935 nonzero entries. The object is to compute a few dominant eigenvalues and their corresponding eigenvectors.

Figure 1 shows the eigenvalue distribution of the matrix LOP163.

We note that the number of nonzero entries in our count is 936, in contrast to the count of 1207 shown in the reference [Stewart and Jennings]. The 15 dominant eigenvalues computed from the resulting matrix agree, however, with the results in the reference.

Matrices in this set:

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