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GEDNEY: Dispersive Waveguide Structures

from the NEP Collection

Source: S. Gedney and U.D. Navsariwala, University of Kentucky
Discipline: Electrical engineering

This is a complex symmetric eigenvalue problem A x = lambda B x, where both A and B are complex and symmetric, but not Hermitian. Moreover, the matrices A and B are of the forms

Matrix((A_{1,1},0),(0,0)) and Matrix((B_{1,1},B_{1,2}), (B_{2,1},B_{2,2})),

respectively. In the work of Tan and Pan, it is shown that the eigenvalue problem is derived from using the edge element method to solve the waveguide problem of conductors with finite conductivity and cross section in a lossy dielectric medium. The matrix size can easily reach a few thousands.

Matrices in this set come in pairs, corresponding to the matrices in the generalized eigenproblem Ax = (lamba)Bx. The matrices are named DWGnnnnA and CWGnnnnB, respectively.

The subblock matrix A11 is 705 by 705, and banded. The computational task is to find the eigenvalues with the smallest positive real parts.

Matrices in this set:

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