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CLEMENT: Clement's triple-diagonal matrices

from the MMDELI

Matrix Generator CLEMENT
Source: P.A. Clement
Discipline: numerical linear algebra
Language: Java applet
Output format: Matrix Market format

This is a Java applet which generates a class of tridiagonal matrices with zero diagonal entries. The symmetric case is diagonally similar to the unsymmetric case.

If the order is odd, the matrix is singular, otherwise the inverse is known. The nonzero eigenvalues are +/-(N-1), +/-(N-3), ..., and +/-1 (or 0 if N is odd).

This generator was developed by Bruce Miller of NIST based on Nick Higham's Test Matrix Toolbox for MATLAB.


Norder of the matrix. Must be even for nonsingularity
SYMMETRICswitch for symmetric variant
INVERSEswitch to compute inverse matrix


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