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BCSSTRUC6: BCS Structural Engineering Matrices (linear equations)

from the Harwell-Boeing Collection

Source: Ed Meyer, Boeing Computer Services
Discipline: Structural engineering
Accession: Summer 1983

BLCKHOLE is an artificial finite-element model consisting of a finely gridded geodesic dome clamped to a coarsely gridded rectangular base. Because of the difference in gridding factors, the interface nodes on the base have a very high order. SSTMODEL is the elemental connectivity for the stiffness matrix of a 1960's design for a supersonic transport (the Boeing 2707).

For the BLCKHOLE example, the strange gridding plays havoc with orderings based on level structures, and is nearly a worst case for the Gibbs-Poole-Stockmeyer heuristic. Reverse Cuthill-McKee and Gibbs-Poole- Stockmeyer are nearly a factor of two away from obtaining the minimum bandwidth of this problem. General sparse methods fair well despite the strange gridding.

Matrices in this set:

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