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Extract from OP-SF NET

Topic #9   ------------   OP-SF NET 7.5  -------------  September 15, 2000
From: Allison Bogardo 
Subject: SIAM Student Paper Prizes
                      SIAM Student Paper Prizes
     The annual SIAM Student Paper Prizes will be awarded during the 2001 
     SIAM Annual Meeting, July 9-13, at the Town & Country Hotel in San 
     Diego, California.
     If you are a student or know of a student who would like to take part 
     in the competition, here are the details:
     The authors of the three best papers in applied and computational 
     mathematics written by students and submitted to SIAM will receive a 
     $1,000 cash prize and a framed calligraphed certificate as well as 
     gratis registration for the meeting.  There is no provision for
     travel expenses associated with the prize.
     Papers must be singly authored and not previously published or 
     submitted for publication to be eligible for consideration.  To 
     qualify, authors must be students in good standing who have not 
     received their PhDs at the time of submission.
     In submitting their work for publication, authors are asked to 
     consider SIAM journals.  However, student paper prize winners are not 
     guaranteed publication in any SIAM journal; all papers submitted to 
     SIAM journals are subject to the same refereeing process and 

     Submissions to the student paper competition must be received in
     the SIAM office before February 16, 2001.
     Submissions, which must be in English, can be sent by regular mail or 
     fax.  Each submission must include (1) an extended abstract NOT
     LONGER THAN 5 PAGES (including bibliography); (2) the complete
     paper, which will be used solely for clarification of any questions; (3) a
     statement by the student's faculty advisor that the paper has been
     prepared by the author indicated and that the author is a student in good 
     standing; (4) a letter by the student's faculty advisor describing
     and  evaluating the paper's contribution; and (5) a short biography
     of the student.
     Submissions will be judged on originality, significance, and quality 
     of exposition.
     The winners will be notified by April 25, 2001.
     Please direct your submission and any questions you may have to
     A. Bogardo at SIAM, 3600 University City Science Center, 
     Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688; telephone (215) 382-9800; e-mail to


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