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Topic #17 -------------- OP-SF NET ---------------- January 18, 1996

From: OP-SF Net editor thk@fwi.uva.nl
Subject: Research Problems Section of Constructive Approximation on WWW

The journal Constructive Approximation has started on its WWW home page


a Research Problems section, edited by Peter Borwein, Ingrid Daubechies and Vilmos Totik.

The Research Problems section will publish open problems. Ideally, these problems are easy to state, substantial but not impossible, and of wide appeal. Problems need not be new.

Manuscripts should be between one and four tex pages. Enough references should be included that the reader can access the recent literature. All submissions will be refereed and reprints will be supplied. Solutions will not, as a matter of course, be published in Constructive Approximation.

Submissions for the Research Problems section should be made electronically to Research_Problems@cecm.sfu.ca in any standard version of Tex or Latex or by using the Constructive Approximation macros. (Please avoid using unusual macros or style files). Queries may also be directed to the above address.

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